I’m Em, a small town Kiwi gal from New Zealand who currently resides in Melbourne Australia.

Terracotta Warriors at the Chicago Field Museum (roaming exhibit from Xi’an)

I currently work in travel and have done so for the last 9 years.  Through work I’ve been lucky enough to be sent to several destinations overseas including India & Canada (in addition to my personal travel.

Working in the industry just fuels my passion – I get to do what I love!
I love researching destinations which then go on my ‘to travel’ list; and let me tell you, that list gets longer by the day!

Travel has been in my blood since I was young – the first memory I have is being gifted an atlas by my Aunt & Uncle.  They had added sticky tabs to certain parts of the atlas with fun facts and then whenever they travelled they sent me a postcard with hints on where they were so I could link it back to areas of the world within the atlas.
Through all of this I didn’t actually start my own international travels until I was in my 20s!  Before that I was lucky enough to spend time travelling to parts of my own country but I’ve still left lots more to explore!

What’s one of my favourite NZ destinations?  Abel Tasman National Park – make sure you check it out!

I’ve always thought about starting a blog to incorporate my travel experiences, tips and knowledge – and now here I am!
What do I want to blog about?  Anything travel related!  I don’t want to limit myself to just posting about my personal experiences so you’ll hopefully see me branching out into tips, tricks, destination hints etc.
Is there anything in particular you want to read about?  I’d love to hear from you so please leave me a comment below!

Now a question for you… When & where did you make your travelling debut?

Travel safe,
Jetset Kiwi signature

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