What’s Next?

What is Jetset Kiwi doing this year I hear you ask?

Well so far I only have two trips planned and they are both in the first half of the year.
No doubt I will plan something for later on as well but I am really looking forward to two upcoming ones.

Flying home to Wellington

February 2017
In February I am travelling back home to New Zealand.  It’s be awhile since I’ve seen my family, my friends and my godson so it’s definitely past time that I visit.
Even though I live in Australia flights can definitely be expensive to travel 4 hours across the Tasman – and at Christmas, they can cost as much as international flights to America!
I skipped going home this Christmas for several reasons:
1) I had a new-ish job
2) I took a holiday in August for 4 weeks
3) Price!

I managed to get a bargain on my flights for this trip – $189!  But then I had to add on baggage, pay to select my seat etc.  I don’t usually fly this airline and I don’t sell this airline but the timings worked out perfect for me (I’ll blog about this when the trip comes around!).
I’m going for 9 days, most of which I will spend in my little home town but I will also spend a few days in Wellington with my friends and rediscovering the city I once lived in.


April 2017
In April I’m flying over to the USA (yes again!).  This doesn’t come as a surprise for my friends & family as it’s a regular occurrence for me.
I have family and friends who reside within the lower 48 including three of my closest friends – they live in New York, Asheville & Austin.
This trip is three weeks long (including flying) and I’ll be visiting two of the three aforementioned friends and attending a convention.
Where am I exploring while I am there?
1) New York
2) Austin
3) Atlanta
I will be blogging about this trip as the next 90 odd days go by as well as during & after the trip!
If you have any must do’s for the cities I am travelling to please let me know!  I have been fortunate to explore all three before but I love getting other suggestions as you can never have enough!


Now a question for you… Where are you planning on travelling next?

Travel safe,
Jetset Kiwi signature

3 thoughts on “What’s Next?

    1. Hi there!
      Melbourne has had some great weather lately but when it gets over 35C then it can get a bit too much for me. After 5 years I’m still not use to it!
      From what friends & family have mentioned they haven’t had a great summer so far – it’s mean to be under 20 and raining for most of the week in Wellington.
      Hopefully I’ll have some nice weather in a few weeks.

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