Jetsetting to…

New Zealand!

It’s the last few days before I head to New Zealand for a quick week long holiday, which most likely be busy and full of friend and family visits, brunch dates and perhaps a few beverages.
I haven’t started packing yet which is unusual for me but my suitcase is out and all I need to do is add everything to it.

I mentioned in my prior blog post that I would talk about the airline that I have booked to go home.
This time around I am flying Jetstar.  They are not my usual choice of airline but the flight times worked perfectly for me and the price was too good to pass over.

Why are they not my usual choice?  Jetstar are your typical low cost carrier, which is fine – I don’t need food on a 3 hour flight, and I don’t usually watch movies on a plane either (I’ll talk about that in another post).  But what makes me reconsider my airline choice is the legroom, and I’m not tall by any means.  I flew them in November for a 72 hour trip to Wellington; I stand at a measly 5″4 and my knees were practically touching the seat in front of me.  I felt sorry for the tall gentleman sitting next to me who had his knees in his chest!

Why are they the best choice for this trip?  First and foremost, I managed to get a bargain on my flights!  $189 return, although I did pay on top of that, additional for baggage and seating but the price was still considerably lower than any other airline flying into Wellington.
Secondly, the timings.  I finish work at 5pm, I’m already taking a weeks leave to go home and I have a 3 week trip booked for the end of April – I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel for leave.  Their flight from Melbourne leaves at 1am in the morning – perfect time for me to finish work, have a dinner with friends (or a late night shop!) before heading to the airport; I then also arrive in the early hours of the morning meaning I have a full day ahead.  On the return the flight arrives in Melbourne just before 9am which means I only miss an hour or two of work.

Wellington Airport

So far my plans are vague.  I’m meeting up with one of my best friends and her little bub on Saturday before I take a bus home to Levin.  I would normally take the train and then have family meet me but they have added a new seat service to the bus so I thought I would try it out – they look so comfy! (Let me know if you want to know more about this!).
Then on Sunday we are having a family get-together.  It’s the first time I’ve been home to see the family since Christmas 2015 so I can’t wait!!  My brother has also been waiting for me to come home to have a few beers for his 21st – hopefully I can teach him about the benefits of drinking craft beer over the cheapest dozen he can find!

After that the week is up in the air – I’m hoping to head to Palmerston North to meet a good friend of mine from school and catch up with my Aunty & Uncle.
The only thing I have set in stone is the weekend – Friday I will head back to Wellington and spend the rest of my time there until Monday when I fly home.  This will allow me to catch up with my two best friends and their partners (and my godson) as well as explore all the changes in the city I love!

I won’t be blogging until I get back but I will fill you in on my adventures back home.
Now a question for you… How do you spend your time when you are home?  Do you like to explore new places or is it a time to catch up with friends and family?

Travel safe,
Jetset Kiwi signature

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