New Zealand

Kia Ora!
I’ve been a little remiss with my posting – it’s been a crazy month with work, my holiday, moving house and social events.  And it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon!

I thought I would finally post about my New Zealand trip.

It was a great week away, spending quality time with my family and catching up with several close friends.  Even though I’m only a 4 hour flight away, living in Australia can feel like I’m on the other side of the world sometimes.

2017-02-11 10.40.38
Solace of the Wind‘ by Max Patte. Wellington Waterfront

So where do I start..
As I mentioned in my last blog post I was flying Jetstar to Wellington.  Jetstar are a budget airline, no frills and you need to pay to add on any extras such as meals, seats and baggage.
My flight left at 1am in the morning so I didn’t bother buying a meal but I did purchase luggage as I was taking a few items home that I no longer needed.
I was VERY lucky with my flight to Wellington as I had an entire row of three seats to myself – every other row had a least two people with them.  Therefore I managed to get a couple of hours sleep as I stretched out.
My flight on the way home was packed to the brim – no spare seats but I had booked a window seat so I was reasonably comfy.
The seats themselves were very small with little to no leg room on the flight over (I’m not exactly tall and my knees nearly touched the seat), but on the way back it was much better.
**As of March 2017 Jetstar no longer fly Melbourne to Wellington direct, this leaves Air New Zealand and Qantas as the only options.

When I arrived I spent the morning with my bestie and godson before taking the bus up to my little home town, Levin.
Intercity is the main bus company running throughout New Zealand although there are a few others that have gained momentum since I left.  One of the new things that Intercity have bought out is Intercity Gold which is premium seating – the business cabin of the bus.  These seats come with leather reclining chairs, free wifi, ample legroom and individual usb & charging ports.  I ended up booking this for $10 extra than a normal ticket.
I loved it and I would highly recommend it if you are travelling for longer than 2 hours – it makes the journey just that touch more comfortable.

The rest of my time in Levin would be boring for you so I won’t elaborate.  But I will mention one thing I did before I went back for a weekend in Wellington.
New Zealand’s best licorice factory – RJ’s Licorice – is located in my home town.  If you ever drive from Wellington up through the North Island make sure you stop by – the red licorice with chocolate in the middle is delicious!  I bought a bunch back to Melbourne with me and it didn’t last the week at work.

2017-02-12 04.24.30-3

I adore Wellington – it certainly is the ‘coolest little capital in the world‘ (as named by Lonely Planet 2011).  And it definitely lives up to it’s title.  I find Wellington to be a smaller more compact version of Melbourne.  It has laneways and a harbour, great coffee (maybe even better than Melbourne, dare I say it..?) and amazing food, bars hidden upstairs, downstairs and on every other corner.
Wellington has a laid back vibe and you will always find something to do no matter your interests.
I decided to become a tourist in my own city – I wandered up and down the waterfront, had beers at Mac’s Brewery Bar overlooking the harbour, explored Te Papa and shopped at a local fair.

What was my favourite?  Te Papa, hands down.
I love coming back to Wellington and visiting the New Zealand museum which has amazing exhibits including local history, Maori & Pacific Island culture & the national art collection.
Many of the exhibits are permanent but they also have temporary exhibits, some of which you pay to explore.
My favourite exhibit this time around was ‘Gallipoli – The scale of our war’.

2017-02-11 11.34.03
Figure at the ‘Gallipoli – The scale of our war’

This exhibition tells the story of the Gallipoli campaign in World War I through the eyes and words of eight ordinary New Zealanders.  Each of the eight subjects were frozen in time on a monumental scale – 2.4 times human size.  The detail was amazing; from the sweat on the forehead to the flies surrounding the can of meat.
The exhibit is showing until April 2017 and entry is free
I highly recommend this as a place to visit when you make it to Wellington!

Now a question for you.. what is your Wellington highlight?
Let me know your favourite restaurants & bars, your favourite spots to sit and people watch, and most of all the places that make you want to return to this amazing little city.

2017-02-11 16.40.41
Jetset Kiwi signatureTravel Safe,


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