And I’m Off…

3 sleeps, and counting, until I depart Melbourne for three weeks in the United States.
1 more day spent slaving away at work

I’m so excited – I can’t wait!

By this stage I’ve usually pulled my suitcase out and I’ve started packing.  And repacking.  And probably repacking again.
I have a routine.  I tend to chuck everything I think I should take into my suitcase.  The next day or so I’ll weed through it and look at half of the things and wonder what I was thinking, then take them out.  Then a day or two before I leave I’ll take another look through and wonder if I really needed those eight pairs of jeans and four pairs of boots when I know that I’ll be purchasing a few more items while I’m over there.  By the time I leave for the airport I probably have 1/4 of the items in my suitcase from the first time ‘packing’.

— Do you have an ideal way you like to pack before you travel? —
Let me know if you want a post on how I like to pack my luggage & what I take in my checked and carry on!

This trip, while I will focus on exploring the different cities, is more about visiting friends and attending a book convention (another one of my passions).  I’ve been to all three destinations before but you can never go wrong with revisiting a city.

I also love the United States for shopping.  Australia & New Zealand are both a considerable distance from most international destinations so the prices of material items can be quite expensive – so I always take the opportunity to stock up on beauty & skincare, clothes and shoes..  Possibly a handbag or two..  In between my exploring, brunching and cocktail drinking.

So where am I going?
New York, Austin & Atlanta.

New York
I am lucky enough to be experiencing three amazing hotels while I am in New York.  It’s definitely a perk of my job but something that also enables me to develop.
Where am I staying I hear you ask… Park Hyatt, St Regis & Mandarin Oriental.
I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back!  I’ll endeavour to take a few quality photos to show you what my experience was like.
I have no set plans while in New York.  I’ve been twice before so I’ve done most of the everyday touristy things.  I do want to take some iconic New York photos at the NY Public Library, Grand Central Station & the Flatiron building but there is not much else on my list apart from exploring like a local.
A good friend of mine lives in Queens so I’m also hoping to explore her neighbourhood while I am there.

2014-11-28 13.30.06
View from ‘Top of the Rock’



Austin is where one of my best friends actually lives with her husband.  I’m staying with them so no fancy hotels this time around!
I was able to visit the last year just after they had moved so I’m looking forward to seeing some of her favourite places now that she has settled in.
Maybe we’ll even take another trip to Waco to visit the Magnolia Silos – the iconic Silos from the HGTV show Fixer Upper.

2016-08-30 11.20.46
Magnolia Store – Waco, TX



This is where my book convention is so in all honesty I won’t get much time to explore.
But I do love Atlanta so I’m glad I get to go back.
We probably have 1-1.5 days to explore so I want to take my friend to some of my local haunts such as The Vortex Bar & Grill (for some of the best burgers around!) and up to my local pub in Marietta (flashbacks are happening).

Now a question for you… What are your favourite haunts in the above locations?  Do you have a favourite cafe, restaurant or coffeehouse?  Is there an area I need to discover to the most amazing street art?
I’m open to any and all information I can get!
Let me know your tips and tricks to exploring these destinations!

Travel safe,

Jetset Kiwi signature

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