Welcome to Jetset Kiwi!


Who am I?  I’m Em – a Kiwi gal who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve always had a strong passion for travel and on my first trip out of New Zealand I knew I had caught the travel bug.
Between working and taking the occasional trip back to New Zealand, to see family and friends, I’ve managed to explore a lot of the USA, and different regions with Canada and India.

I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge and passion with the internet world.  I wanted to be able to write about what I love, share my adventures with the world and add some colourful pictures in the mix.

This is a blog for those who want to travel, are travelling and who have travelled.  No exclusions – all included.  This blog is for all who love travel.

Disclaimer: While the base to this blog is travel, I expect that it will branch out into other similarly related areas.

Travel.  For me travel is all about discovering new places or rediscovering some of your already travelled favourites.  It’s starting new adventures as you make your way through towns, cities and countries, learning about yourself, the location and life in completely different ways.  Everyone travels differently and that’s okay – we’re not all the same, experiences mean different things to everyone.
But what do we have in common?  Passion.
And that is what I hope to share with you – my passions for travel and the world we live in.


General Questions…
Em Auckram
Age: 29 years old
Where am I from: A tiny little town in New Zealand – Levin, google it!  I usually tell everyone that I am from Wellington as it’s a recognisable city.
Where do I live: Melbourne, Australia
What do I do: I am a Client Relationship Manager working within the Travel Industry – working with clients who book luxury and out of the ordinary trips.
Hobbies: Travel!  I also love to read, cook & bake, try new cocktails and spend time with my amazing friends and family.  I’ve just reignited my passion for photography, so with a new, more compact camera in hand (bye bye bulky DSLR; hELLO Olympus Pen) I’m trying to combine my travel & photography loves together.

Where am I travelling to next?
UK & Ireland + Paris & Amsterdam in July/August 2018!

If you have any questions or or would like me to offer suggestions for YOUR trip please contact me.

Make sure to follow Jetset Kiwi so you don’t miss out on any posts – I’d love to have you follow along and become part of the travelling family!

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